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Posted by Holli Narvaez Head of Member Services National Association of Distinguished Professionals on February 27, 2014

Infected with her parent’s appetite for antiquing, Marcy R. Berkal would often travel to antique stores or flea markets to admire and purchase someone else’s desirable collections, and she loved listening to the stories that the shopkeepers would often share about their prized possessions. But it was Marcy’s parents who taught her how to appreciate these timeless treasures by sharing and gifting their own heirlooms so others could create their own memories of the antiques, too.

A few years ago, when Marcy was contemplating downsizing her home, she came upon some family heirlooms that had been packed away. Those items triggered memories of having found and displayed them long ago, and the enjoyment she took in owning them throughout various periods of time in her life. Once her children were grown and on their own, Marcy had the time to pursue her joy of finding previously owned items once again. She began purchasing a few unique treasures here and there, and soon she realized she was ready to share these wonderful, previously owned items with others as a career.

“Not only do I have a love for finding previously loved treasures, but I am also fascinated by the history behind each cherished possession,” Marcy said about what drives her search. “My desire for seeking out the lost treasures of yesteryear and recycling them in a way that creates a renewed appreciation for their beauty keeps me pursuing this as a full-time career.”

To pursue her antiquing career, Marcy started FromVintage2Vogue in 2012, an online opportunity for shoppers to find a new, loving home in which to place their timeless treasures so that others can create new memories with them. The online platform offers a unique internet stopover where people can have all the excitement of discovering someone else’s lost treasures, yet avoid poking around in scary attics and dusty old barns.

As founder and sole owner, Marcy spends a good portion of her day working on website maintenance, updating the site with new items, and working directly with clients to locate those one-of-a-kind items they have difficulty finding themselves. Marcy is always available to her customers and offers the highest quality of personalized service. To get recognition in the community, FromVintage2Vogue participates in several social media and charitable events, and she advertises in various local magazines and on websites.

With no prior experience and on a very tight budget, Marcy worked closely with a design media company and ultimately taught herself basic web design, site maintenance, and desktop publishing. While this was a huge challenge for her, Marcy believes the reward of being able to put treasures in the homes of satisfied and appreciative customers was well worth the initially sacrifice of time that it took to learn those necessary computer skills.

Marcy’s background, while not related to online consignment, has attributed to the success of her online business. As a young adult, she worked at a large home furnishing and textile company where she learned to appreciate and interact with clients seeking high end home décor. After graduating from Adelphi University with a BS and MS is Social Work, Marcy became a clinical social worker and spent a number of years working with clients who suffered a wide array of difficulties in their lives. Her years as a social worker has uniquely positioned her to help ease the transition of parting with the things her clients are consigning. And as a skilled listener, Marcy is, more often than not, able to help people in their quest to find appropriate and loving homes for their cherished items.

While there are a lot of sale and consignment stores both on the internet and in storefronts across the country and the world, Marcy brings a distinctive, personal service to her business model. Most of her customers start out as clients but end up as friends. Helping people find new homes for their valued belongings, where these items can create new stories with new families, is really what FromVintage2Vogue is all about. Marcy believes it’s of the best feelings to put people together with treasures that has a special meaning to them.

“Running FromVintage2Vogue is very labor intensive,” Marcy admits about her online business. “There is a lot of research, travel, and site maintenance to be done daily. But it is a great love of mine and I look forward to going to work every day.”

Marcy never gets enough of rummaging through antique and vintage shops on her downtime for both business and pleasure. Once she finds those perfect items, she then takes them home to do some research on them. She is an avid reader, too, but most of her time is spent on tasks related to the functioning of FromVintage2Vogue.

To help further the exposure of her company, Marcy is a member of Long Island Women’s Business Association, National Association of Business Women, National Association of Professional Women, Long Island Professional Women’s Network, National Association of Social Workers, and International Women’s Leadership Association.

A loving and caring woman, Marcy is creative, motivated, kind, and compassionate, and has always been 100% devoted to her family and the people closest to her. By constantly practicing the importance of honor, integrity, and high morals, Marcy hopes to leave this world with the legacy of a Woman of Valor someday.

Q: Why do people need a consignment service such as the one offered by your company?

A: In this challenging economy, offers an array of distinctive, contemporary, and pre-owned accessories to dress both the body and home. Our eco-friendly concept supports the Green Movement, and has allowed us to feature recycled items in a way that breathes new life into timeless treasures. We are sensitive to today’s economic strains, therefore focusing on giving our clientele the most value for their money without jeopardizing quality or beauty.

Q: Why did you choose to have an online store as opposed to a more traditional brick and mortar establishment?

A: An online store is available 24/7/365, and clients can shop from the comfort of their own home or any place where they can access the internet. The overhead is low, which allows the price points to be very attractive to the consumer, inventory can be updated more frequently with a touch of a hand, and unlike a brick and mortar store, space for displaying inventory is never a factor. Furthermore, an online store can be seen throughout the country and world, and is not limited to local traffic. Just recently I had a shipment sent to Australia.

Q: How do you fill your inventory?

A: My inventory comes from consignment clientele, many of which are downsizing or acquiring family heirlooms. I also spend a lot of time traveling to find antiques and unique treasures.

Q: How do you personalize your service?

A: I will personally go to the customer’s home or business, professionally photograph, and, if necessary, remove and store the product they wish to consign. I will then research and appraise all items to come up with a fair sale price. I work with each client directly to ensure satisfaction through the selling and purchasing process.

Q: Specifically, what kind of items do you have in your online store?

A: We offer not only unique and special one-of-a-kind items, but also several gallery quality glass and crystal pieces, trendy and classic couture clothing, designer handbags, accessories, Loved B4 collectibles, and novelty items.

Q: Do you accept a client wish list?

A: Of course, searching out specific items on a customer’s wish list is a specialty of my company. I always encourage my clients to update me in real time of things they are looking for as I am often out looking for unique items on my own.

Q: How long does it take for an order to be shipped?

A: All orders are guaranteed to be shipped within 48 hours of purchase unless alternate arrangements are made.

Q: What does it mean when you say that is a socially conscious company?

A: Throughout the year the company donates a percentage of its sales to charities that encourage a greener earth, support medical research, issues that are significant to women, and projects ensuring that no child will be affected by hunger and poverty.

Q: How can I find you and do you ever participate in antique, craft, or fundraising events?

A: I can be found on Facebook, Pinterest, Open Sky, or other search engines, which will always announce the events I participate in.

Q: How can I find out more detailed information about your company and its products?

A: My website has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions page, a detailed history of the company, and any contact information you may need.

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