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In this challenging economy, From Vintage 2 Vogue wants to offer an array of distinctive contemporary and pre-owned accessories to dress both the body and home where one’s family heirlooms can be purchased and enjoyed by another. Our eco-friendly concept supports the Green Movement. This has allowed us to feature recycled items in a way that breathes new life into timeless treasures. We are sensitive to today’s economic strains, therefore focusing on giving our clientele the most value for their money without jeopardizing quality or beauty.



Ever since I was a little girl, I remember admiring all the tchotchkes in my grandmother’s house. From the Demi Tea Cups behind the glass doors of her exquisite glass hutch, to the “Off Limits” antiques spread throughout the living room where we were prohibited to play! Only on holidays were we able to pick out the cup and saucer, from the “forbidden to touch” breakfront, to use during our holiday dinner. It was such an honor to drink from a cup that was a family heirloom.

thumb1.pngI can still picture my mom and her childhood best friend sitting around the kitchen table admiring the unique forks and spoons they had purchased at various estate sales and antique shops. It was fascinating to watch these utensils transform into bracelets, rings and things. They would bend the spoons and forks and create magnificent works of art and then pack them up in the trunk of the car and off they to sell them to antique stores and Flea Markets. Frequently they would be approached by someone looking to find another home for their prized collectibles. My dad and his buddy would go to the homes of potential sellers and frequently buy their pre-loved possessions from them. This led to naming their business “Antiques and Things”.

I have always been fascinated by the history behind precious possessions I grew up enjoying at my childhood home.

Fast forward several years and contemporary decor became popular. Most of the cherished heirlooms I accumulated over the years went into storage. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a “mom and pop” vintage store that I was drawn back to memories of my grandmother’s home. I didn’t realize how much I missed connection to my past. I decided then that the cherished items from my youth would make a great showing for other people to appreciate. This led to a renewed love of the warm and fuzzy feelings I had as a child and soon, along with a very dear friend, I found myself searching through garage sales and back barns in States like Vermont and New Hampshire as I strived to recreate my grandmother’s living room.

It was very soon after that that I realized I not only a love these nostalgic treasures but I also had somewhat of knack for discovering and displaying these adored antiques throughout my home. Friends had admired pieces in my collection of which were my own discoveries, and some of which were family heirlooms. I frequently gifted these treasures to them at it as giving “the loved b4 collectibles” a new home for others to make their own memories with.

Despite the fact that I am a trained clinical social worker by profession, in my heart I have always been a picker, seeking out the lost treasures of yesteryear and recycling them in a way that creates a renewed appreciation for their beauty. Herein lies the birth of, a unique Internet stopover where people can have all the excitement of discovering someone else’s lost treasures yet avoid poking around in scary attics and dusty old barns.

Over the years, FromVintage2Vogue has grown beyond the recreation of my grandmother’s living room. FromV2V is proud to offer not only unique and special one of a kind items, but also several Gallery quality Glass and Crystal pieces that have been bought overseas. We have also been able to locate and display Trendy and Classic Couture Clothing, that not only is affordable, but Vogue. Designer Handbags, and accessories have been newly added which will certainly round out your shopping experience in a way that is fun, exciting and seems like a treasure hunt.

At FromVintage2Vogue we are always looking to discover the hidden treasures that shaped the stories of other people’s lives. Out of this our newest and most exciting venture, the FromVintage2Vogue Consignment store was born. This is an opportunity for our shoppers to find a new loving home in which to place their timeless treasures so that others can create new memories with them. As you browse through my website it is my hope that will discover not only that special heirloom that will round out your decor in a nostalgic way but will motivate you to continue the pre-loved possessions so that others may in the excitement you feel when browsing through.

Marcy B – Antiques & Things LLC