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1. In this agreement, the party who is granting the right to sell its merchandise will be referred to as “the Consignee” and the other party who is receiving the right to sell the merchandise will be referred to as FromVintage2Vogue or “the Company”, interchangeably.

2. Consignment Contract, (this agreement) is made between ” FromVintage2Vogue”, (and all its affiliates to include but not be limited to, hereto noted as “The Company”).

3. Upon approval, your cherished heirlooms will be displayed on our website for an agreed-upon timeframe. Note that inventory placement will be adjusted continuously as our stock changes to ensure optimal placement and exposure of your items.

4. FromVintage2Vogue will determine the pricing of your cherished items with respect to Consignee’s suggested sale price, name brand, Certificates of Appraisal if applicable, condition, quality, and current retail value.

5. FromVintage2Vogue will pay to “the consignee” a portion of the sale’s proceeds which will be calculated as follows:

a) Consignee will receive 50% of the final selling price which is defined as the final retail sale price minus any service, bank or credit card fees.
b) All sale proceeds will be paid to the consignee during the last week of the month in which the item(s) were sold. Payments will be made by company check unless otherwise arranged.
c) Items sold privately by the consignee will be subject to a 20% fee based on the selling price listed on the website to the company for the work and promotion of each item listed.

6. Periodic markdowns will be at the sole discretion of management.

7. In accordance with this agreement, “The Consignee” owns the merchandise and grantsFromVintage2Vogue exclusive rights to sell the item(s). All items included in this agreement will be sold exclusively on the website.

8. Records: FromVintage2Vogue shall keep accurate records regarding the quantities of the treasured items that are sold.

9. Amendment: This agreement may be modified or amended, if the amendment is made in writing and is signed by both parties.

10. Applicable Law: This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of New York State.

** FromVintage2Vogue values your treasures and will work diligently to find a new loving home for all your cherished items FromVintage2Vogueoffers a secure and safe way to sell your valued items without exposing any of your personal information.